Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ultimate Mixed Wrestling (NC-17)

This is a match for all the marbles, as it were:

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, a battle for the ages!  A battle for ultimate supremacy and control!  The winner will obtain complete sexual rights to the loser’s genitalia.  In fact, the only way to win this match is to lock a chastity belt or cock cage onto your opponent!”

The crowd screams their approval, anticipating the intensity of the upcoming bout.

“In this corner, standing at five feet and two inches tall, weighing one hundred and six pounds, wearing the McDonald plaid tartan bikini, hailing from Mudville, Florida, the current champion of the Intergender Domination League...Moira MacSadism!”

The petite vixen struts around the ring in her skimpy bikini, showing off her lithe body to the appreciative fans.  Her dark hair is pulled back in a pony tail and her fingernails and toenails are painted black.

“And in the opposite corner, her opponent, at five foot ten and one-hundred-seventy-six pounds, wearing black Underarmor compression shirts, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, the challenger…Mattie MacMaddog!”

The hairy man waves to the crowd amid taunting whistles and cat-calls from the women.

The bell rings and the two combatants approach each other.  The athletic man towers over the little woman almost comically, but it’s obvious from the look of intensity in her cold blue eyes that she is no pushover.  As Mattie steps into range, Moira launches a powerful soccer kick toward his groin.  Mattie swivels his body slightly and brings one calf out in front, blocking her attack.

“How predictable,” he scoffs at her.  “You’re going to have to try better than that, you little wench.”

“Predict this!” the woman screams and launches herself through the air at the bigger man.  He catches her in midflight and crushes her body to his in a bearhug.  Simultaneously, Moira wraps her sinewy legs around his waist and locks her ankles behind his back.  Their bodies press against each other as they each squeeze the life out of the other.  Moira squeals in pain as Mattie crushes her ribs with his arms.  He, on the other hand, grunts with the effort of trying to breathe while trapped in her vise-like legs.  Their faces rub against each other as they strain for supremacy. 

The seconds drag into minutes as the two try to crush each other.  Mattie, supporting the weight of them both, noticeably begins to tire and seems to have trouble keep his feet.  Her arms free, Moira fights the pain and slides her hands up into Mattie’s beard.  Suddenly she kicks her legs downward, driving her heels into the back of the man’s thighs, while at the same time yanking his beard and pushing his head up and backward.  This two-pronged assault unbalances Mattie, and he falls to the mat backward with a loud SMACK! Moira lands on his stomach with her full weight. 

Mattie’s bearhug is broken and his already diminished breath is momentarily knocked completely out of him.  Before he can react, Moira slides forward and bounces on his chest, pins his arms to the mat with her knees, and wraps her small hands around his throat.  He stares helplessly into her eyes and see joy and excitement in them as she tightens her grip and begins to choke the life out of him.  Her nails cut into his skin, and she digs her thumbs into his trachea.

Knowing his life is in this sadistic woman’s hands, Mattie marshals his energy and bucks his body upward.  Moira is too small to keep him pinned and she is thrown off.  Mattie scrambles away, out of her reach, and works to regain his breath and his composure before she can attack again.

The little woman laughs as she circles him, knowing she’s got him on the run.  She sexily adjusts her small breast in her tiny bikini, making sure he sees how hard her nipples have become.  Moira laughs again when she sees the bulge in his tights.  “I didn’t give you permission to get hard, little piggie,” she giggles, pointing at his crotch.

“I don’t take orders from you!” shouts Mattie as he charges his nemesis.  She wasn’t expecting him to recover so quickly and is caught off-guard.  Now it is the man straddling the woman, pinning her arms to the mat with his legs as he stares down at her.  But he’s much heavier and she’s much weaker, so kick and buck as she may, she can’t budge him, much less force him off. 

Mattie holds Moira’s face still with one hand, his strong fingers squeezing her chin.  He stares down at her confidently, defiantly…lovingly.  “Are you ready for me to lock the chastity belt on you?” he asks, “so that I can have you whenever I want?  So that you won’t even be able to diddle yourself without my permission?”

He stares deeply into her eyes, mesmerized by her beauty, waiting for her response. 

Mattie doesn’t recognize it at first.  It was so intense he didn’t fully understand the pain, didn’t feel it, as though he had gone into shock.  By the time his brain processed what was happening, it was too late: he was already on his side, she was out from beneath him, and he was screaming like an operatic soprano.  He tried to beg her to stop but he couldn’t form words.  His brain finally realized that she had somehow slipped one arm free, somehow gotten one small but iron-gripped hand on his balls while he was drowning in her beauty…and now he was drowning in pain.

Moira kneels over him, looking down at him like a cat looking at a bug as she rips off its legs one by one.  “Poor baby,” she coos, “does it hurt?”  She emphasizes her question with a savage twist.  With her free hand his pinches his nipples, slapps his face, tortures his stomach, pulls his hair, all as she keeps his balls in her death-grip.  He thrashes on the mat as though being electrocuted.

“It’s over, sweetie,” she whispers, her voice soft and sweet and sadistic.  “I’m going to lock this little dick up now, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

“No…,” gasps the man, begging pathetically.  “Don’t…lock up…my…co—“

SMACK!  Moira slaps Mattie hard on the face and punches his nuts at the same time.  He curls into a fetal position and quivers.  He can’t stop his tormentress from pulling his shorts off like she’s peeling a banana.  Mattie can only think of the pain pulsing in waves through his body. 

“But how am I going to get this cage on when your dick is still so hard?” muses the little vixen.  “Maybe you should cum one last time?”

...to be continued


  1. I saw this on Kidman's site, any chance of the rest? Maybe even a come back for the man?

  2. I have ideas in my head for the continuation...the man might come back, but it's unlikely he'll ultimately prevail. Moira will never lose!